Who Is Singing?

Just Released Summer 2021!

By Janet Halfmann

Illustrated by Chrissy Chabot

Pen It! Publications

Ages 2-7, Nonfiction Picture Book, hardcover, softcover, & ebook

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The Story

Have you ever heard a bird whistle wheet, wheet, wheet, birdie, birdie, birdie? That's the song of a cardinal. Every bird's song is different. Bird songs often sound like familiar words. That makes it easier for us to tell Who Is Singing?


This book is a celebration of birds and their songs. Young children love hearing and repeating the sounds that animals make. While enjoying the musical sounds of birds, children will learn that the song of each bird is different. Children may even learn to recognize some of the songs. This book also includes interesting facts about the birds written in lyrical prose.

My Inspiration

I got the inspiration for this book by listening to the cardinals in the trees near our home. Now, everyone in my family knows that a walk with me means stopping to find and listen to every bird we hear!

Educational Connections

The book's back matter includes Fun Facts, Notes, and an Activity.




"This new offering is a sort of 'first field guide' for little ones with little hands, big ears, and enormous curiosity about the world." —Sandy Brehl, Unpacking the POWER of Picture Books

"This delightful book is perfect for beginner readers who happen to love birds . . . The colorful illustrations show birds in their natural habitats singing their songs and also give a hint to each bird's personality. Fun bird songs make this book a fun and interactive read. —Kristi's Book Nook

"Who Is Singing? . . . by Janet Halfmann is the perfect way to inspire a love of birds in your youngster. This beautiful book filled with colorful illustrations from artist Chrissy Chabot, brings the reader along asking the question, 'Who is singing?' as each bird makes its own unique sound."  —The Children's and Teens Book Connection

"In a beginners introduction to bird songs, Who Is Singing connects the sounds of several common American birds to their visual identification traits. I particularly enjoyed that birds weren't only identified by their colors, but also, among other things, by their movements and migration (or lack therof). The text is sparse, but it conveys the right amount of information for the age group to start their own bird watching journey. The art is bight and colorful and sure to grab a child's attention." —For the Love of Books, Old and New



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