A Bobby-Dazzler of a Pouch


By Janet Halfmann

Illustrated by Abira Das

Pen-It Publications

Ages 3-8, Fiction Picture Book

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The Story

Will Joey, a little gray kangaroo, ever find his mum's pouch in a mob? Find out in this fun story of friendship—sprinkled with Australian words.

My Inspiration

I have always been fascinated by kangaroos and so enjoyed learning more about their amazing lives.

Educational Connections

The book's back matter includes Fun Kangaroo Facts and Glossaries of Australian Words and Australian Animals and Plants. The story spotlights friendship, a close mother-child bond, problem solving, creativity, and the plants and animals of eastern Australia. 


"In this story of creativity and friendship for little readers, nature and science facts are presented in digestible bites, including fun word play and Australian slang . . . . The text and images together will have little ones drawing pictures and searching out new details about the amazing natural world "down under.". . . (The book) is bound to become a favorite for kids who love animals, especially Australian ones." —Unpacking the Power of Picture Books 

"Who knew that kangaroo mothers actually give their joeys (babies) lessons in diving quickly into her pouch so they can be safe when danger is near? I certainly didn't. And that's the unique aspect of this story. Readers of all ages will learn about interesting animals many have never heard of. And interesting facts about them . . . . The illustrations, by Abira Das, are playful and will definitely engage the young child. Teachers . . . should consider adding this title to their classroom library." golowd: a blog about teaching and writing

"By now you know I am a fan of Halfmann's work. All her books entertain and educate in a way that is attractive to young readers. This short story is one that teaches children how to problem-solve and work together to obtain a goal. It is a story about friendship in the wild that touches the heart, even though it is a whimsical story.

The colorful artwork by Abira Das will keep readers turning the pages as much as the story. Lush green, vibrant red, and deep blue contrast so well against the white space and neutral colors of most of the animals.

The story is followed by fun kangaroo facts, Australian words, and a list of Australian animals and plants featured in the story.

So much fun, you and your children will want to read A Bobby-Dazzler of a Pouch! over and again." —The Children's and Teens' Book Connection


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